We have an extensive range of herbs, spices, seasoning and cooking aids. We mainly use a natural decontamination process that preserves the original integrity whilst maintaining flavour, appearance and aroma. All products pass the most stringent quality assurance standards using both traditional and modern equipment before leaving our facility. By understanding the changing needs of our customer, employing a strong and experienced research and development team and having the flexibility to adapt we have created over 500 blends. To ensure our customers get the right quality ingredient, we continuously improve our products, to anticipate and meet manufacturing needs.


Our products are processed in the United Kingdom and take many forms:


* Ground

* Whole

* Sifted and Cleaned

* Graded

* Kibbled

* Chopped

* Rubbed

* Roasted

* Heat treated

* Formulated blends

* Customer blends

* Contract processed and packed



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