We are a real wholesale distributor of Azteca Tortilla Wraps in United Kingdom.

T&M(UK) LIMITED., home of the brand Azteca ambient Tortilla Wraps, is a leading Importer and Distributor in the UK, supplying ambient packed Trtilla Wraps, Mayonnaise, Flavoured Mayonnaise, Sauces, Southern Fried Chicken Breading, Spices and Tuna Fish to the catering, foodservice, manufacturing and retail sectors.

We are continually increasing our product range to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands and tastes, always looking for innovative ingredients and packaging to provide our customers with the ideal size or format for their business.


In Azteca we produce fresh wheat and corn flour tortillas for the catering and hospitality industry and large grocery retailers.


The company produces 100,000 wheat and corn flour tortillas per hour, in compliance with strict traceability controls standards.Thanks to its 12 million Euro Investment in the construction and design of its new plant in Borox, Toledo, undertaken in recent years, Azteca is now at the industry’s technological forefront.


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